Service Requirements

Each semester we are requiring 15 service hours.

Please Note that starting this school year, NO VIRTUAL SERVICE HOURS will count as service hours. Its time to start being more present in the Plano community!

What counts as service?

  • Any NHS-sponsored or promoted service

  • 1 service hour = 1 hour of active service

  • Max 6 hours from summer break (late May through now) count towards Fall semester

  • Service hours should equal the amount of time spent doing service

  • Not sure? Just ask us!

What does NOT count as service?

  • Activities required by a class or other organization

  • Informal, non-approved peer tutoring (needs to be signed by a teacher)

  • Activities actively promoting a religion or political viewpoint

  • Political campaigns/promotions

  • Working in your or someone else’s home

  • Paid employment

  • Time spent not actively serving (breaks don’t count)

  • NEW: Online service NOT completed during the summer

What are Donation Hours?

  • ~$10 donation to any organization = 1 hour

  • Maximum of 3 donation hours.

  • Keep record of electronic receipt(s) for submission