All about the ceremony for new members.

When is the Induction Ceremony?

The Induction Ceremony for Spring 2022 is in May 2022.

Exact date and times are TBD.

Do I have to attend the Induction Ceremony?

If you're a New Member and we've notified you that you've met all the requirements to be inducted, then you must attend and stay for the entire Induction Ceremony in order to receive official membership in the National Honor Society.

If you're unable to attend the Induction Ceremony due to an excused absence (such as serious illness or death in the family), you will be required to submit to the Adviser an explanation of your absence and any appropriate documentation. The Adviser will determine if your absence is excused or not.

Inductees formally excused may be formally inducted at an alternative date. Inductees not formally excused no longer qualify to receive membership into the chapter for that academic year. However, they may reapply for membership the following academic year.

When do I find out if I have met requirements of being inducted?

New Members will receive word of their induction status by late April, in time for the ceremony.

Is it true that Plano East NHS limits the number of students offered membership each year?

No. All students whom the Faculty Council finds to uphold the ideals of the National Honor Society and who complete the rigorous requirements for membership will be inducted.

What do I wear to the Induction Ceremony?

Dress is semi-formal (“dressy”). Be presentable for a moment of such great achievement!

Are my parents invited to the Induction Ceremony?

Of course! Induction is a joyous and proud moment for all parents. Pictures are encouraged!

Are there any awards presented at the Induction Ceremony?

Many! We generally give awards to students with the highest amount of community involvement over the past year, as well as in other categories. Some Current Members may be invited to the Induction Ceremony to receive awards.

What happens after the Induction Ceremony?

Congratulations! You are now an official NHS member. As long as you maintain the expectations during your following years of high school, you do not have to attend another Induction Ceremony. If a student will be attending a school different from PESH for the next year, please contact our Adviser to transfer the membership status to another school.